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Work Hours Limit for Australian Student Visa Holders

Work Hours Limit for Australian Student Visa Holders3

New Guidelines Effective from 1 July 2023

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In a move set to reshape the landscape for student visa holders (subclass 500) engaged in studies and employment in Australia, the Australian Government is poised to reinstate work hour restrictions. This strategic measure, commencing on 1 July 2023, is designed to strike a harmonious equilibrium between academic pursuits and practical work experiences.

Embracing Change

Having experienced a period of relaxed student visa work regulations during the pandemic, with a temporary removal enacted in January 2022, a transition is on the horizon. The current temporary arrangement is slated to conclude on 30 June 2023, paving the way for a renewed framework.

The Revised Work Hour Boundaries

Effective 1 July 2023, a revised set of parameters will govern the allowable work hours during study terms and semesters. This adjustment will see the establishment of a capped threshold at 48 hours per fortnight, affording student visa holders the opportunity to engage in paid employment while navigating their academic journey.

Fostering a Holistic Approach

Central to this redefined approach is the dual empowerment of student visa holders. While focusing on academic advancement within Australia, these individuals will also be empowered to partake in gainful employment, thereby acquiring invaluable practical skills during their course of study.

Special Dispensation: Aged Care Sector

A noteworthy exception comes in the form of student visa holders who are presently employed in the aged care sector as of 9 May 2023. This cohort will retain the privilege of unrestricted work hours within this sector until 31 December 2023, as per the announcement by the Australian Government.

Striking a Balance: Implications for Students

While an increased degree of flexibility is evident in the revised work hour guidelines, the need to maintain a delicate equilibrium between scholastic commitments and professional engagements remains paramount. As such, certain imperatives remain unaltered:

Upholding Course Enrolment

Sustaining your enrollment in courses stands as a foundational pillar, ensuring the continuity of your academic journey.

Ensuring Course Attendance

Maintaining regular and satisfactory attendance within your courses remains pivotal in upholding compliance with your visa conditions.

Monitoring Course Progress

Continuous and demonstrable progress in your academic pursuits remains a cornerstone of adherence to your student visa terms.

Unwavering Work Rights

A crucial tenet of this transition is the preservation of the rights accorded to international students under Australian workplace laws, mirroring the rights of other employees. In this vein, employers are obligated to adhere to these established regulations, precluding the employment of student visa holders in contravention of their visa conditions.

Safeguarding Your Interests

In the event of encountering inequitable treatment within the workplace, it is strongly recommended to promptly seek recourse through the Fair Work Ombudsman. Importantly, it must be noted that your visa cannot be revoked by your employer, and the Department of Home Affairs will refrain from canceling your visa for reporting workplace exploitation to the Fair Work Ombudsman, even in cases where you may have exceeded the permissible work hours in a fortnight.

In summation, the reinstatement of work hour limits for student visa holders in Australia signifies a holistic and progressive stride toward enhancing the educational and professional dimensions of their journey. By striking this nuanced balance, the Australian Government endeavors to equip students with a comprehensive skill set, characterized by both theoretical acumen and practical proficiency.

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